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We are a Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing company that specializes in serving attorneys, law firms and legal professionals.

Why You Need Law Firm SEO

It is no longer enough just to have a web site that serves as a pretty, online placeholder. You need a web site that works for you, a web site that generates income by constantly attracting new clients without any effort on your part.

This is the beauty of Search Engine Optimization. SEO refers to a set of techniques used to boost your web site’s search engine rankings, thereby increasing the number of people and potential clients who visit your site. To learn more about how SEO works, visit our Process page.

Starting a law firm SEO campaign as soon as possible is important because:

  • More law firms are going online every day, increasing competition for valuable key word phrases (such as Delaware Probate Lawyer or Seattle Real Estate Attorney) that people type into search engines like Google. Acting now saves you money.
  • Search engines give preference to older, high-quality sites. The sooner you start your campaign, the higher you may rank.

Why You Should Choose PaperStreet

PaperStreet is a SEO, Internet marketing and web design company with over a decade of experience serving lawyers, law firms and attorneys. We understand your unique needs and challenges and have plans to fit most budgets.


We exclusively work for your firm in your practice areas and geographic areas. Don’t settle for being just one law firm among many. Demand that your SEO company is working exclusively for you. At PaperStreet we only take on one client per practice area and geographic area. We believe each firm should have a dedicated resource working just for them.

Top Rankings and Results

PaperStreet has obtained No. 1 rankings for the majority of its clients, Top Ten rankings for virtually all of them, and has generated millions of dollars in web-based revenue for solo attorneys, medium-sized law firms and large firms alike. Some of our clients rely almost entirely on their website for new business. Visit our Results page to learn more.

Choose a Reputable Company with Experience

When comparing SEO firms, choosing a reputable company is paramount. Be wary of inflated promises or rock-bottom pricing. Some companies use “black hat tactics” to cheat the system and inflate your rankings artificially overnight. Ultimately, search engines recognize these tricks and punish your site with a lower ranking – or even ban the site outright. Remember that SEO is a long-term investment.

Real Results

When you sign up for our SEO packages, your results typically improve in the first 30 days. We generally achieve campaign goals in 90 days for most standard keyword phrases and 180 days for competitive keyword phrases. We work with your firm to improve each month.

Need Instant Guaranteed Results? Try Pay-Per-Click

If you need instant results, we offer additional Internet marketing and advertising techniques that accompany most intensive SEO campaigns, including Pay-Per-Click advertising and Local Search.

Let PaperStreet increase your web traffic and client inquiries with our SEO and Internet Marketing packages for various budgets. Call us today at 954.523.2181.

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