Competitive Pricing, Unusual Value For Law Firm SEO and Marketing.

Some SEO firms promise the world, and tell you it will cost $1. Others take your breath away with the dazzling height of their fees.

Our company favors a more reasonable (and honest) approach to pricing. We spend a lot of time educating our clients on their options, the pros and cons of each option, and the costs. This allows us to meet almost any budget, set fair expectations, and consistently deliver on our promises.


We exclusively work for your firm in your practice areas and geographic areas. Don’t settle for being just one law firm among many. Demand that your SEO company is working exclusively for you. At PaperStreet we only take on one client per practice area and geographic area. We believe each firm should have a dedicated resource working just for them.

So what do we charge for SEO?

Our SEO delivers results and always has a return on investment for our clients. Pricing depends on a variety of factors. Our programs begin at $500 per month and range up to $1,750 a month. We charge a nominal setup fee of $500 to $1,750, depending on the program, to cover our research, coding, and initial directory purchases. Our standard package includes:

  1. Researching Key Words
  2. Competitive Research
  3. SEO Coding, Submission – See our Full List Here
  4. Link Building
  5. Creating Quality Content
  6. Monthly Analytics and Consulting
  7. Beyond SEO – PPC, Local Search and More

Content writing, including original web site content and blog posts, is extra. Content writing usually runs $150 an hour for one-time projects (one hour is roughly the time needed to create one practice area page of original, custom content) or, for regularly scheduled blogs and articles, about $50 to $100 a post.

Pricing for Pay Per Click Advertising & Local Search

Our team can set up a Pay-Per-Click Advertising campaign for you law firm for $1,500. We have a monthly support fee of $250 to cover the time needed to maintain the campaign. This support includes analyzing the keywords, the ads themselves, your conversions and modifying the campaign on a monthly basis to lower your ad costs and improve conversions. After that, any additional costs are determined by your individual ad budget. You can decrease or increase the budget at any time.

The cost to set up a Local Search account is $500. This includes setting up your account at Google, Bing and Yahoo! Once it is place, there are no further fees. If you sign up for a search optimization campaign, Local Search setup is included for free.

Working within Your Budget: Factors that Influence SEO Costs

Every project has different goals, timelines and budgets. Our team can discuss various options to meet your budget. Considerations that influence SEO costs include:

  1. Competitiveness of the keyword phrase. Anything in high demand is harder to obtain, and thus takes more time and effort, which increases costs. This applies to:
    1. Type of Practice Area / Service / Goods.
      Personal Injury Lawyers, for example, are some of the savviest when it comes to the web. They are all online and, in most major markets, compete aggressively for clients because they know firsthand there is no other advertising medium that delivers the same bang for the buck as the Internet. Other practice areas that traditionally depend less on advertising, and more on personal connections and referrals, can generally achieve similar results with less intense campaigns.
    2. Geographic Areas
      A criminal lawyer in New York City will obviously have a harder time ranking No. 1 in her area than a small town attorney will for Shelby, Ohio. However, we can achieve rankings for each.
    3. Niche Topic/Area
      We are huge believers in niche topics and areas. Instead of going after Florida Intellectual Property Lawyer, for example, you target West Palm Beach Patent Prosecution Attorney. This is for several reasons. First, more specific topics generally have less competition and, therefore, top rankings can be achieved faster and cheaper. Just as important, highly specific keyword phrases can be more useful than generalized terms because they attract a more specific type of client – who, in turn, is more likely to be a good fit for your firm.
  2. Current Site. Search engines discriminate. They give extra weight to high-quality existing sites, compared to brand new ones. The theory is similar to the one used by people who hire businesses that have been around a long time – that is, with age comes more experience, more authority and more value. This means it is easier to achieve top rankings with an older, high-quality site. Of course, the Internet is still young enough that newer, high-quality sites make great strides when handled correctly. And search engines are astute enough that low quality sites, of any age, seldom achieve top rankings in the long term. When evaluating your current site, and your SEO needs, we consider the:
    1. Existing structure. Your site structure matters, as does how you internally link to documents. Do you have a solid pyramid structure? Do you have orphan pages? All of this needs to be analyzed and corrected, if needed.
    2. Existing links. The quality, not the number, is the key here. Trashy links accomplish nothing. Also, you want high quality sites to link to you, not just the other way around. If you link to The New York Times, that signifies little. But if a Times article about up-and-coming firms links to your site, your rankings could skyrocket.
    3. Existing Domains (age, type, keywords). Older domains are generally more valuable. Descriptive, easy-to-remember domains, like, can be quite helpful. New sites that have alphabet soup for their url? Not so much. Some SEO firms set up multiple domains to boost law firm rankings. Such techniques are tricky. Done correctly – for example, with niche practice area sites that feature original, useful content – this can be a boon. Done wrong, and multiple sites will be rightfully labeled as redundant garbage by the search engines and punished as such with low rankings.

Whether you take advantage of one or all of these techniques will depend on your budget, timeline and business goals. Call us today at 954.523.2181 for a consultation and let PaperStreet increase your web traffic and client inquiries with our SEO and Internet Marketing packages for various budgets.

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