Real Results, Real Value For Law Firm SEO and Internet Marketing.

When it comes to SEO and Internet marketing campaigns, it’s all about results:

  • How high are you ranked for important search engine keywords?
  • How many inquiries are you receiving from the web?
  • How many of those turn into actual clients, and what sort of revenue are they generating?

PaperStreet has obtained No. 1 rankings for the majority of its clients, Top Ten rankings for virtually all of them, and has generated millions of dollars in web-based revenue for solo attorneys, medium-sized law firms and large firms alike. Some of our clients rely almost entirely on their website for new business.

Top Rankings, Fast

When you sign up for our SEO packages, your results usually improve in the first 30 days. We achieve campaign goals typically in 90 days for most standard keyword phrases and 180 days for competitive keyword phrases. We also offer guaranteed, instant results as part of our Internet advertising campaigns.

Here are just a few examples of our successful SEO and Internet marketing campaigns. Call us today at 954.523.2181 and become another satisfied customer.

Million-Dollar Revenue
FDA practice is almost 80% website based – "FHI has earned about $3-3.5 million per year."
Probate lawyer who averages 2 to 4 inquiries per day, 5 to 10 new clients per month, and generates over a million dollars a year in revenue from the web site and SEO campaign.

Multiple Inquiries, Every Day
Personal Injury firm with more than 4 inquiries per day, thanks to a broad based ranking for over 500+ keyword phrases.
Florida Probate lawyer who averages multiple inquiries per day, thanks to five No. 1 rankings and 40 Top Ten rankings.

Stock Broker Litigation, over 2 inquiries a day.
Top rankings for core practice areas, including No. 1 spot for 14 keywords and Top Ten ranking for 56 other phrases.

Rainmaker for Solo Attorneys
Personal Injury and Criminal Lawyer in New Orleans, about 1 to 3 inquiries a day for a solo. Ranks No. 1 for 28 keywords and in the Top Ten for 72 more.
Dallas Criminal Lawyer ranks No. 1 for three competitive keyword phrases and in the Top Ten for 16 more.

Rank High Across Multiple Search Engines
Hawaii Litigation, real estate and business law firm ranks highly across multiple search engines, with 14, No.-1 rankings and 53 Top Ten rankings.

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